Scrolling through your Amazon app to shop? Something will be changing there soon. Amazon Ads are changing as they have been testing short video ad placements on their shopping app.

example amazon placement ad for peloton on mobile and tablet

Why does it matter? It’s all about intent.

Consumers scrolling through Amazon are definitely in the mood to shop – and this is where Amazon has a placement benefit over Google or Facebook. Having such a targeted ‘ready to buy’ audience is what will make this type of Amazon ad most likely outperform those on Youtube or Facebook.

Since it’s inception, Amazon didn’t sell advertising space on its platform in fear of disrupting the shopping experience. Instead it used price, product descriptions and consumer reviews to determine which products were most prominent on the page.

When can we expect this change in Amazon Ads to be live?

We couldn’t find a date or info on when this will be live, but usually in these situations it does not take long from beta testing to full implementation. We will keep readers updated.

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