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  • What Google Shopping is
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  • How to get started using Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an online marketing and price comparison platform for eCommerce to sell products through pictured ads. Setting up a Google Shopping account for your store is easy – you can go to and click ‘Sign Up’ to start the process.

You’ve Probably Seen Google Shopping Before

Anyone who has used google before has most likely seen what Google Shopping looks like, check out this example.

Product listing ad for orange jackets on Google

Why Advertising with Google Shopping?

Google Shopping gives eCommerce a distinct advantage above those text ads  you see under the orange box. Visual-friendly and straight forward, it out-performs your normal adwords campaigns.  This article is a great summary of shopping trends with Google Shopping. You can even see statistics and breakdowns based on the category of products.

Is Advertising with Google Shopping Hard?

Not really, using tools like emarketing, you can go from 0 to full setup in 24 hours (Google requires 24 hours to review your products). Just to make things easier, emarketing has also rolled out Smart Shopping Campaigns. An easy-to-use campaign that’s optimized by Google with a setup that takes less than 5 minutes.

Ready to set up a Google Shopping Campaign? Visit emarketing to get started today!

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