Free. Open source. 60 languages. 250,000 merchants. PrestaShop is one of the big boys in ecommerce. Based out of France, this shop system started as a school project, but when investors saw the potential of the shop system, it was up up and away.

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What is Prestashop Ads

PrestaShop Ads is a smart marketing tool advertising all products on relevant E-Commerce platforms. It allows merchants to advertise on Google Ads, Amazon Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The best part? It removes the complexity of setting up data feeds & conversion tracking. PrestaShop ads also uses Google and machine learning market intelligence features. This introduces a new way to do competitor research, reprice products, and advertise on major platforms.

Are you a PrestaShop merchant? Check out the official PrestaShop ADS module here or from the Addons Marketplace.

Why PrestaShop Ads?

Over the past few years, Google Shopping showed tremendous growth compared to that of Google Text Ads. For most E-Commerce merchants, Google Shopping has replaced traditional Text Ads as the most effective advertising platform for product related search queries.

  1. Google Shopping Ads are the perfect online Store Window, no matter whether the search query was performed on a mobile or a stationary device. At the tip of a finger, Shoppers see a product image and the corresponding price.
  2. Optimized Google Shopping campaigns will typically show a Cost-to-Revenue ratio of between 3% and 10% – hence, being more cost-effective than most other platforms.
  3. Conversion Rates are on average significantly higher for Shopping Ads than traditional Text Ads. Clicking the ad, the shopper will see detailed product information, comparative prices, and delivery options. This has inherently a great impact on conversion.

PrestaShop ADS – Making it Easier with Smart Shopping Campaigns

ALL PrestaShop merchants can now advertise ALL of their products on Google Shopping with no effort and without any AdWords expertise or technical knowledge – available for PrestaShop Ready or PrestaShop Download.

The technical complexity that drove many ecommerce stores away from participating in Google Shopping is gone. Before, to list products on Google Shopping, ecommerce merchants had to set-up a data feed for the respective Google Merchant Center. Additionally, proper conversion tracking (which is a real pain to setup) needed to be set-up/installed on the Webshop, but these days are over!

Installing the PrestaShop Ads module (pre-installed for PrestaShop Ready users) connects PrestaShop to Google. It also uploads all products onto the Google Merchant Center, sets all tracking pixels, and automatically creates Shopping campaigns in Google Ads. Some things to consider…

  • Merchants already running a Google Ads & Merchant Center account can connect existing accounts to PrestaShop Ads
  • Merchants new to Google Shopping can have PrestaShop ADS create and install the Google Ads & Merchant Center accounts – in about 30 seconds.

Removing all technical barriers and providing a frictionless experience, PrestaShop ADS will also provide great and unique functionality helping merchants to focus on their most promising products for their online ad investments.

Top Features of PrestaShop Ads

  • Product health check – PrestaShop Ads improves data feed quality and helps to resolve data feed related issues
  • Competitor Analysis – Find your store’s top competitors across online marketing platforms (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Ebay)
  • Ecommerce Price Comparison – Identifies competitors’ prices across platforms (Google, Amazon, eBay). Ecommerce sellers can see which of their products are competitive & focus their marketing budget on these products and even reprice items to keep competitive.
  • Smart Shopping Campaigns – Google Shopping Campaigns are continuously optimized for the best ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) – no need for manual optimizations in Google Ads.
  • International Market Comparision – Shopping Campaigns can be set up for ALL countries where Google Shopping is available, and additionally, you can research which countries have higher prices or lower ad costs.
  • Multi-platform access: The same product data feed will be used to advertise products on Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram & Amazon

What’s the Future of PrestaShop Ads?

The next years will absolutely see an advancement in the convenience and automation for ecommerce merchants. We can’t promise these features are coming, but these are ones we want to see.

  • Full internationalization services (translations for ads)
  • Competitor ad research for Google display ads & Facebook ads
  • More tools for predictive pricing & market research
  • New product recommendation based on which products are selling
  • More ad platforms (twitter, reddit, etc)

And that’s our wishlist for features so far. Have a recommendation? Let us know in the comments which features you want from PrestaShop ads.

PrestaShop users, you can install PrestaShop Ads from the official PrestaShop Add-on Store.

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