If you or your shop is new to Product Listing Ads (PLAs) you might want to check out our article here about what Google Shopping (GS) is. In short, Google Shopping (and Google Smart Shopping) is an online marketing and price comparison platform for eCommerce to sell products through pictured ads.

Example smart shopping campaign from Germany of hiking boots with the Google Ads logo next to it

Google Shopping Volume is Bigger than Search Ads

Over the last few years Product Listing Ads have become an established and critically important channel for most ecommerce merchants.  In Q1 of 2017, GS accounted for 52% of click share for ecommerce.

There was a time that setting up an advanced campaign would automatically mean success, but those days are over. Now, these Smart Shopping Campaigns are helping merchants make high-converting campaigns with an easy setup and minimal to no management.

It’s Mobile

As a Shopify seller, you are most likely thinking more and more mobile. GS helps you become mobile-first. In 2017, 29% of GS revenue came from mobile devices. This is an extremely important consideration as more and more buyers are using their phone to complete a purchase as apposed to desktop.

Google search on mobile device with blue shoes in a carosel from Google Shopping and product listing ads
Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Setup is easy

Like I mentioned, there was a time (around 2015) when setting up these campaigns was really easy. They were converting very well and there wasn’t a lot of competition. Then, news got out about how well these ads were performing and competition went up. These advanced campaigns quickly became, well, advanced. Now, advanced campaigns are more difficult to set up and manage and are best suited for those with advanced campaign knowledge.

Luckily for those that want to automate the process, there is another option. Now, the best way to use GS is with Google Smart Shopping campaigns. These campaigns are seriously easy to set up and can be done via a very simple Shopify store integration. They use AI to optimize your ads for you, so there is very little experience needed to set up the campaign. Check out this article for a breakdown of the campaigns here.


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