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3 things you need to know about Product Listing Ads

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Product listing ads are also known as PLA. PLAs are a type of Pay-Per-Click ad, meaning you only pay for clicks on your ad. The most popular form of PLAs are placed on Google Shopping, but Amazon is also offering these ads. Below we’re discussing three important points that are often overlooked but are important to consider before getting started with any Product Listing Ads.

Product listing ad for orange jackets on Google
Example of Google Shopping Campaigns

1. PLAs don’t just make you money, they show you competitors

We wrote a piece on this which you can read here, but in general Google Shopping is performing really well compared to their text ad counterparts. This is because Google Shopping Ads push the consumer farther down the sales funnel initially and therefore produce more qualified leads. PLAs also help you identify your competitors and provide a simple comparison based on product image, price, and shipping costs all from a simple google search.

2. There are ways to make Product Listing Ads easier

Google Smart Shopping campaigns are a type of PLA that connect your product information and images with Google’s machine learning. You can sit back and let AI do the work to optimize your ads for greatest results. The Google systems pull from product feeds, test different combinations, and then show the relevant ads across Google Search, Discplay, Youtube, and Gmail.

If you upload your product list to one place (like emarketing) you can make campaigns on multiple platforms and even make high-converting Google Smart Shopping campaigns (SSC).

3. Amazon might be hard to advertise on, but Google is much easier

There are some pros and cons on advertising your products on Amazon. There is definitely a big audience, and Amazon is opening up its platform a bit. That being said, Google Shopping is still easier to setup and manage. For more information on the pros and cons of advertising on Amazon, visit our blog post here.

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