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Is PPC for Ecommerce Worth It?

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The basics of pay-per-click (PPC) is pretty simple: each time an ad is clicked the merchant has to pay a set amount to Google (or whatever advertising platform it is).

What is the main goal of PPC?

The main goal of PPC is to optimize your ads for conversions & cost-per-click (CPC). Only once your CPC is optimized for all your products can you generate maximum revenue at the lowest costs. Automizations can make this quick and simple, but even the pros will tell you that there is no one big secret trick to PPC success.

In order to use smart ad technology for Google PPC for ecommerce, you can connect an existing Google Ads account or setup the various Google accounts necessary. For Google Smart Shopping campaigns, you’ll need to go through a lot more steps. If you haven’t used Google Shopping before and do not possess a Google Merchant ID, you will also need to set that up. Next, you can import your product feed and connect your shop to Google Shopping.

*Note, there are services that do these steps for you for free.

Why do PPC?

1. Increased website traffic

PPC marketing increases your website traffic, especially when your ads are displayed & optimized correctly. Not only does it increase your chances of sales, but it also improves your influence & remarketing options.

2. Complete control over your campaigns

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Giving money to an ecommerce marketing agency is scary. Running your stores PPC campaigns yourself gives you complete control of how your ad budget is being used. Even better – you can optimize campaigns to save yourself some budget in the long run. With automations, you can automatically optimize and select the best CPC of all your products. You only pay when potential customers actually click on your ad.

3. More than Just Clicks

Machine learning, A.I., and tons of knowledgable experts means that automated campaigns optimize your ads on more than just who clicks.

Time of day and day of week

If automations see that one of your products is most commonly clicked at a certain time of day or is most frequently searched for on a certain day, the ad is optimized to show people the ad during that time of day.


Are most of your product clicks generated in a certain country, a certain region such as a county or in a certain city or even village? Automations notice this kind of trending conversions and optimizes the ecommerce ad campaign accordingly.

Device Type

With ecommerce marketing automation, the CPC is adapted according to different device types. Using an automation service, you can have behavior on different devices monitored and optimized. The usual division of devices are broken down into mobile, table, and desktop.

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