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Updates to Google Manufacturer Center

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What does Google Manufacturer Center provide brands?

With Google Manufacturer Center, OEM + Brands can improve their presence on Google. With complete and accurate description product information Shopping ad conversion rates increase significantly. Also, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) + brands have full analytics access to monitor performance and data from retailers that sell their products.

Google Manufacturer Center allows OEMs & brand owners to send all official product information to Google, such as pictures, titles, descriptions, URLs, videos, and more.

Google just revealed two new updates to the Manufacturer Center, currently available in the UK, France, Germany and Australia:

  • “From the Manufacturer” offering
  • More in-depth analytics for products

The ‘From the Manufacturer’ offering gives OEMs + brands new visual content options, like videos and additional images. Grabbing consumer attention while also calling out pivotal product features can increase conversion of up to 10 percent – according to recent emarketing analysis:

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The new analytics offering provides insight into product performance with more data, and greater control at SKU level. How?

  1. Top products with shared impressions – shows which other products are displayed alongside OEM or Brand ads and how frequently they appear. This data can be segmented to look specifically at competitors, which helps provide additional context for the competitive landscape of the search engine results page (SERP).
  2. Top search terms – shows the percentage of clicks or impressions that a particular search term drove the corresponding click-through rate.

Interestingly, this new feature is Google’s first offering to provide insights into the direct connection between products vs search terms.

This new “product-level insight” helps advertisers to understand what terms or search language resonates best with shoppers in order to optimize titles at the product level. Google Ads currently provides search term data for Shopping campaigns, but it’s only available at either Ad Group or Campaign Level.

Whilst a step in the right direction, the new Google features also have their limitations. We perdict that these limitations might change in the future, but there are no promises.

  1. Limited to only 7- or 30-day look-back windows; looking at insights for a specific period like Black Friday through Christmas is not possible, restricting advertisers’ ability to gain actionable data.
  2. Manufacturers will need to work with third party WebCollage to benefit from snappy visual content shown by Google.

Overall, new insights into the competitive landscape for Product-Listing Ads, aka Google Shopping, have become available to manufacturers and brands. Still not yet a stand-alone analytics platform, it does however serve as a nice supplement to other Google Ads offerings.

For a more comprehensive, actionable market intelligence at product level – for example – have a look at emarketing’s realtime price + competitor analysis across Google, Amazon, eBay.

Note: For aggregated data, at least 5 retailers need to be selling the product on Google.

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