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Why You Shouldn’t Use Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

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There are two types of ecommerce merchants in the world – those who want to control and know details of their marketing campaigns and those who want to automate as much as possible.

If you are a marketer that wants deep, detailed control of their Google Ads, Google Smart Shopping Campaigns aren’t for you.

What are Google Smart Shopping Campaigns?

You’ve probably seen Google Shopping Campaigns when you are searching to buy an item. These ads are Google Shopping, but sometimes they are managed by agencies with advanced filters and monitoring. Though these ads perform well, Google Smart Shopping Campaigns often outperform those managed by agencies. These ads have good CTR because they are visual friendly, straight forward, and often are more transparent than adwords campaigns.

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Google Smart Shopping Campaigns (SSC) often outperform advanced campaigns because they pick which products to advertise based on what is selling best as well as market trends. These ads also use machine learning to optimize ad alignment and bidding based on your budget.

Benefits of Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

  • Campaigns use Google’s machine learning processes to ‘learn’ the best placement options
  • The setup is easy and requires very little ppc knowledge
  • No testing needed for placement optimization
  • Managing and monitoring campaigns are easy
  • Using free integrations, you can use Google SSCs to do competitor research and reprice items to stay competitive
  • Overall, returns a higher return on ad spend on average than manual campaigns

Drawbacks of Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

  • Little control over normal filters
  • No control over placement
  • Advertises only products that make conversions
  • Negative keywords are not available
  • No deep location targeting
  • No Ad Scheduling (schedule is based on shopping habits)
  • No device targeting and bid adjustments (Google decides this based on
  • Audience targeting is not available

No matter if you’re a PPC guru or a newbie, there is definitely reasons to try Smart Shopping Campaigns for at least a month to A/B test your results.

Trying to do Google Smart Shopping or advanced Google Shopping campaigns? Check out emarketing for easy setup and management.

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