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Managing Product Data Feeds Needs to be Easier.

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Ecommerce merchants all over the world use product data feeds. These feeds upload products and keep product information updated on ecommerce marketing platforms like Google Shopping and Amazon. This can get a little technical, so we’ll keep it short. Product feeds are your communication between your ecommerce store and an advertising platform. That means they need to be done well, and correctly.

Product feeds communicate with these platforms to tell the platform which searches your product is relevant for. Which means, the more data in your product feed, the better.

*note for all the emarketing users out there.emarketing automatically creates and manages your product feed from your shop system for you.

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There are a lot of services that manage your product feed for you, but honestly you should never pay to have your product feed managed unless you have a very (very) large shop or a special circumstance. There are softwares out there that do this for free while also helping you setup ads & do competitor research.

Product Data Feeds and Competitor Research

When you are looking for your ecommerce competitors, you will find a million ways to do competitor research. One way that has been neglected by ecommerce merchants and really gives you an upper hand is to do your research via your Product Data Feed. What does that mean?

You can look up your competitors on Google Ads and Amazon by which products they are selling via product overviews & competitor checks.

The Short of It

  • Product data feeds are a list of all the product information in your ecommerce store.
  • Your ecommerce store communicates with Google Ads & Amazon via product feeds to tell them which search terms your products fit best with.
  • Doing competitor research via your Product Data Feed is the best way to find real competitors selling the exact same product.

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